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The Markets Aren't Your Only Risk

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Security: Because the Markets Aren't Your Only Risk
Featuring Paul Viollis, Ph.D., CEO of Risk Control Strategies
As the nation’s financial crisis makes headlines, many of your family’s more clear and present dangers may be flying under the radar.  Wealth brings considerable attention and security exposure to families across the globe, and many take appropriate counter measures only after costly, disruptive, or embarrassing events unfold. 

According to security expert Dr. Paul Viollis, CEO of Risk Control Strategies, a threat management and security consulting firm, “A lot of high net worth families are led to believe that security is a function of how much they spend.  Quite to the contrary, true security is a function of putting countermeasures in place that specifically address the types of threats a family faces.”  Dr. Viollis goes on to explain that some appropriate measures come at little or no cost, but families are often sold expensive equipment or monitoring services based on fear tactics.

A better approach is to consult a security expert who can evaluate your lifestyle and exposure to threats.  Areas of particular concern to many families include:

Personal Security

  • Protection of your home, family, valuables & possessions
  • Monitoring of in-home service staff
  • Interior & perimeter monitoring
  • Safeguard monitoring around swimming pools, driveways & play areas

Identity Theft Protection

  • Safeguarding against the loss of wallets and purses
  • Monitoring credit bureaus for suspicious credit activity
  • Implementing cyber-security measures to prevent hacking of personal information

Background Investigations

  • Comprehensive investigations of work history, criminal history, credit history, education and credentials of prospective domestic or corporate employees
  • Deep assessments of character, integrity, and personal history through interviews of associates and former employers

Special Event Planning

  • Minimizing the risk of a crime, unwanted exposure, or terrorist activity through site planning, technology assessment, access controls, and transportation planning
  • Providing incident response in the event of a threat

Global Travel Intelligence

  • Assessment of your ‘value’ as a ransom target
  • Assessment of the political, criminal, terrorist, and kidnapping risk profile of each destination
  • Recommendations of hotels, airports, travel routes

Cyber Security

  • Establishing an information security policy, procedures, and access control
  • Assessing network vulnerability
  • Acquisition, deployment, and maintenance of information systems equipment
  • Response, investigation, and management of cyber attacks
  • Monitoring of compliance to existing laws, guidelines, and industry best practices

Stalking Mitigation

  • Consultation on prevention, detection, and avoidance
  • Advice on eliminating the stalking threat or ending stalker activity
  • Coordination with Federal and State authorities

Workplace or School Safety

  • Threat assessments
  • Violence avoidance
  • Employee training