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From the local to global scale, family businesses play a critical role in today’s economy. They pay 62 percent of all wages in the U.S., account for 50 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, and create 78 percent of all new jobs (Johnston, 2004). Contrary to popular assumptions, family businesses are not restricted to mom-and-pop operations. In fact, 37 percent of Fortune 500 companies are family owned, and 60 percent of publicly listed companies are family controlled (Johnston, 2004...
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As cooking becomes a more popular hobby and a frequent topic at holiday parties, the two questions I’m most commonly asked, especially by men, are “Who makes the best knife?” and “What do I really need for a gourmet kitchen?” Cocktail chatter aside, the choices are confusing and endless. Here are my suggestions for making sure you have the best cookware, knives and other kitchen essentials that an entire family can enjoy using, and most importantly, will enjoy the results!
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The International Association for Private Service Professionals (IAPSP) is proud and delighted to announce the inaugural meeting of its new Chicago Chapter! IAPSP member George Mandas and other Chicago metro-area private service colleagues will convene on January 24th at the Peninsula Hotel on the “Magnificent Mile” for a meet-and-greet and behind the scenes tour of one of the world’s top hotels!
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