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With energy prices soaring and everyone trying to do their part with conservation, what are the top 5 tips or strategies you would recommend to the owners of large homes to be as energy efficient as possible?
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The first step when setting up your insurance plan is to consider exactly what types of insurance to include in the benefits package and from whom to buy them.  Most people immediately think about medical and dental plans and begin comparing rates. 
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You’ve just hired your nanny or other household employee. You’re thrilled, she’s thrilled, and you’re in the employer-employee version of a honeymoon. You can’t imagine that anything will ever go wrong.  While in most cases, fortunately, that’s true, in other cases things can get contentious if your understanding of the details of your arrangement is somehow different than your employee’s understanding of them.
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Affluent clients often express a strong desire to remain in their home regardless of advanced age or a decline in health.  However, given the significant cost of private staff to maintain a home and provide in-home care (which may range from $50,000 to well over $500,000 per year), that desire is often at odds with their children's interest in protecting their inheritance. For clients who are intent on remaining home for as long as medically feasible, a properly drafted trust may provide the...
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As the nation’s financial crisis makes headlines, many of your family’s more clear and present dangers may be flying under the radar. Wealth brings considerable attention and security exposure to families across the globe, and many take appropriate counter measures only after costly, disruptive, or embarrassing events unfold.
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The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for some, they're the most hectic and stressful! Tame your holiday chaos and prepare for next year with these tips!
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