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Consistent with the saying, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’, most employment relationships are won or lost in the first few days.  Nationally, over 25% of employees who quit do so in the first ninety days on the job. 
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Have you ever received a distress call during an overdue vacation?  The hot water heater has exploded, the power is out and the generator hasn't come on, an alarm has gone off, someone didn’t show up for work...the list goes on.
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An Operational Assessment can not only evaluate what is working and what needs to be addressed in a household, it can also uncover risks and opportunities related to the retention of key staff.
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Are you prepared for an employee departure? "We've decided to let you go," or "I quit" is just the beginning of the termination process, one that can be rocky and laden with risks if you are not adequately prepared.
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