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Childhood should be a time of wonder and awe—in the life of your entire family. And with a great Nanny behind you, you and your children’s lives can be immeasurably richer. That’s why we’ve defined a higher caliber of childcare professional; individuals who have the credentials, charisma and experience that truly set them apart. Indeed, candidates who meet The Lindquist Nanny standard have far more to recommend them than the bland declaration, “likes to work with children.”

Whether you seek a live-in or live-out Nanny, a “take charge” or more subdued personality, we present only seasoned professionals who’ve proven themselves reliable and trustworthy. The Lindquist Nanny is open, engaging and thorough in communications with parents and key household staff. The Lindquist Nanny understands the rhythms of a busy household, balancing the larger family schedule and priorities with the intimate needs of the child.  Lindquist Nannies are skilled at setting loving limits and safe boundaries, creating developmentally appropriate activities for infants and preschool-age children and managing the extensive social calendar, play dates, homework and extracurricular activities of older children.

You may have active triplets, a child with special needs, or a need for a multilingual Nanny who can navigate extensive travel schedules. Whatever your requirements, we’re adept at identifying prospects uniquely suited to your needs. We’ve placed Lindquist Nannies with degrees in early childhood education, nursing and occupational therapy.   We have Nannies in residence throughout the U.S. and overseas.

Perhaps most important, every Lindquist Nanny is thoroughly screened and held to the strictest professional standards. We verify proper legal status and work authorization, check identity, driving records and any criminal background and confirm all prior experience. We provide you with an extra measure of confidence that you and your loved ones are in wise and caring hands.