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July 2008 - Featured Partner: MedjetAssist

Making the Right Call When the Unexpected Happens

A sudden fall on a once in a lifetime trip to Turkey left MedjetAssist member Carolyn Rodgers with a fractured hip and in need of surgery. Rather than undergo a complicated surgery overseas, MedjetAssist got Carolyn home quickly and safely, and into the hands of her trusted physicians in Oklahoma.

On September 26, 2007, Carolyn Rodgers, her husband Rick and oldest son Rex embarked on a 16-day tour to Turkey. Carolyn had for years been regaled with stories of exotic port cities and colorful shopping bazaars by her friend, Rose, who was born and raised in a town outside of Istanbul. Now, after careful planning, the Rodgers’ clan had fi nally put together their highly anticipated journey.

As part of their pre-trip preparation, Rick and Carolyn’s family physician recommended the couple consider purchasing a membership with MedjetAssist, an emergency air-medical evacuation and repatriation program for travelers. “I really hadn’t thought about needing a service like Medjet before,” Carolyn said, “But I could not have been more thrilled to have Medjet on that trip.”

On the fi rst day of their trip, Carolyn and a group of fellow travelers landed in the quaint port town of Dalyan for a lazy afternoon of shopping and eating. Carolyn took a walk around the docks appreciating the bobbing masts and cool breeze. As she looked back to find her group, Carolyn’s foot caught the crack
between the pier and the dock and she lost her balance. Carolyn’s elbow hit the ground fi rst, followed by her hip, as she crashed to her side.

Carolyn’s elbow was badly scraped and her skin was split – “It was not pretty,” she said – and her hip throbbed with pain. With the help of the tour guide, they fl agged down a cab and headed to a small hospital outside of the main town. The attending physician, who spoke very little English, determined Carolyn needed stitches for her elbow and that nothing was wrong with her hip, despite the immense pain she felt, other than a bad bruise. With slight trepidation the Rodgers headed back to the boat and
hoped the doctor was right.

Unbelievably, Carolyn managed to limp around the boat for three days before she hobbled up
the steps to her room and felt a pop in her hip. Rick, her husband, immediately called for the captain to take them back to land and to the nearest hospital. Carolyn was eventually admitted to a hospital in Fetiyhe. This time the doctor spoke a bit more English and quickly determined Carolyn’s hip was broken and needed surgery quickly. Rick and Carolyn knowingly glanced at each other as Rick pulled his month-old MedjetAssist card from his wallet – it was time to get home.

“When Medjet came to get me in Turkey, it was like the cavalry had arrived.” said Carolyn, recalling the
moment Medjet arrived at her bedside in Turkey. “The MedjetAssist team was full of confidence and reassurance. It was fabulous.”

Carolyn and Rick were taken to a medically equipped and staffed jet and boarded for the 20-hour flight home. A day later Carolyn was home and in surgery in Duncan, Oklahoma, where she recovered in a  room full of flowers and family and friends. Carolyn concludes, “I cannot imagine traveling without my Medjet card. It’s the only thing I ever worry about packing anymore.”



To find out more information on MedjetAssist or to enroll as a member, contact Sallie Stearns at 404-355-6252. MedjetAssist annual memberships start at just $225. Short-term memberships start at just $85.

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