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The family office in America finds its roots in the wealth generation spurred by the American Industrial Revolution.  Families such as the Mellons, Rockefellers, & Carnegies established in-house professional teams and charged them with privately managing family wealth, time, and generational complexities. 
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Today’s luxury traveler is faced with a dizzying array of destinations, itineraries and activities, but a few simple planning rules remain constant.
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While the media spins a future “War for Talent”, the battle for many employers, including domestic employers, has already begun.  Like corporations, households in which team members are cast in roles that leverage their natural talents and allow them to work alongside others who feel uniquely fit to their positions create a culture that can attract and retain workforces into the future.  Beyond compensation, titles, and brands, it is an attractive culture that lays the foundation for retaining...
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Fueled by the rapid expansion of global wealth, the market for fine art and collectibles continues to climb – along with prices. The recent explosion of interest in the art and collections market creates new threats and complex challenges. This paper provides an overview of the changing state of the global collections market, describes the emerging risks, and offers advice on what the savvy collector can do to manage and reduce these increased risks.
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This article explores 10 issues often faced in passively-managed homes. As advisors to high net worth families on the efficient operation of their homes, we often encounter clients struggling to balance the need to manage their homes with the desire to enjoy living in them. For some, a large home is simply another collection of complex assets, and a private staff is another group of employees.
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