The Leader in Residential Staffing Services
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Who is The Lindquist Group?
Caring for America's finest families, homes and private businesses since 1890, The Lindquist Group is the nation's leading private and residential staffing consultancy.  We offer retained and contingent placement services for all private staffing needs.

Why work with The Lindquist Group?
Your time is valuable.  Your privacy is important.  And, you want things done right. When you need to hire staff, it is best to engage an experienced company to address your family's needs.   We have a proven process that works!

What makes The Lindquist Group unique?
With over a century of service to families across the country, we have experience with an unrivaled breadth of employment situations and service needs.  Our database of private service professionals is among the largest and most comprehensive in the industry and our selection process is among the most exclusive.  With four offices, we have industry leading scale and scope.  Importantly, you will be working with a professional Recruiter who is knowledgeable and service-oriented.