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Domestic Placement Fees

Private Staffing Fees
Clients may choose one of two search options.

  • Lindquist Client Engagement (LCE) - a traditional contingent search.  Clients are not obligated to pay a placement fee until they hire a candidate.  Clients choosing this option are eligible to trial as many candidates as they would like.  This search comes with a free replacement guarantee.
  • Lindquist Partner Engagement (LPE) - a partially retained search.  Clients choosing this option agree to pay a portion of the placement fee at the outset of the search in return for preferential pricing and a longer trial and replacement guarantee.  The upfront fee is deducted from the final invoice.  This search also comes with a complimentary premium background check on the candidate that is hired. 

Both of our searches include basic background checks that we run on the candidates before you interview them.  Our basic background checks screen for criminal and motor vehicle violations.

Please contact your local office for our current fees.

Candidate Fee Policy

Candidates are not charged fees to register with or apply through The Lindquist Group.