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The Lindquist Group Trusted Advisors

We welcome the opportunity to partner with the nation's leading advisors.  We currently have successful relationships with family offices, estate attorneys, private banks, wealth management advisors, insurance advisors and real estate professionals.  Our interests are aligned with yours.  We have both built our reputations on expertise, trust and service.  We accept the challenges and needs of our clients either directly our through our partners and are committed to enhancing and protecting our client's quality of life.

Among the demands on high net worth families is a litany of tasks and responsibilities pertaining to the day-to-day operation of one or more homes.  Private staff, vendors, and administrative support are common needs among these families, and each carries with it a level of risk, time commitment, and cost.  We make buying and owning a fine property a turn-key operation.  With few advisors making this their primary focus, these common needs often go unmet or consume precious time and resources better spent elsewhere.  Thankfully, this is our area of expertise and the benefit to you is a single point of contact at The Lindquist Group.

For advisors interested in developing a partner relationship, we can offer services that include:

  • Residential staffing services
  • Development of job descriptions and HR best practices
  • Candidate sourcing, interviewing, talent profiling
  • Background investigations and verifying work eligibility
  • Negotiating compensation and providing sample work agreements
  • Payroll and tax solutions
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Site visits to better understand a client's needs

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