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Whether you work privately for one or more clients or provide service to all of the residents or guests of a luxury property, your role as concierge is to make life easier for those you serve. They rely on your resourcefulness, experience, and insights on topics that know no boundaries.

Not surprisingly, we work with concierges on a regular basis to secure new staff for private homes and condominiums. We also pride ourselves on being an extension of the concierge’s network by providing referrals and insight to domestic matters that go beyond staff decisions. 

Need a recommendation for who can disassemble and safely move a five ton piece of art to Atlanta? Not sure if the local banquette caterer is up to the task of preparing an elegant dinner for the Board of Directors at your CEO client’s home? Don’t hesitate to call. Often our work in fine homes gives us exposure to reputable vendors and private service professionals who excel in solving rare requests.

Of particular interest to many concierges:

  • No cost consultations with families considering the hire of private staff
  • Assessments of the family’s private service needs based on their unique lifestyle objectives
  • Recruitment and selection of part-time and full-time domestic staff, including housekeepers and nannies
  • Development of job descriptions and HR best practices
  • Candidate sourcing, interviewing, talent profiling
  • Background investigations and verifying work eligibility
  • Negotiating compensation & writing work agreements
  • Domestic payroll and tax solutions
  • Orientation, training and staff evaluations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Exit interviews
  • Property manuals, task lists, and household operating procedures
  • Annual site visits to update documentation and perform performance evaluations

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