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As family office professionals, you hold a unique position in the trusted advisor community. Hired for your expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to the needs of one or more families, you are there for your clients at every turn.

The Lindquist Group has worked with directors and staff of family offices for decades, providing exacting service and counsel to the family office and their principals on matters pertaining to private staff and the efficient operation of their homes. More recently, multi-family offices have leveraged our experience and expertise to bring our unique services to larger groups of dispersed families.

Whether you operate a single or multi-family office, the fact remains that you must provide the most relevant, objective, and cost-effective solutions to your families; keeping up with private staff and household operations is rarely a core competency. As a result, these common needs often go unmet or consume precious time and resources better spent elsewhere.

Whether your families have a modest pied a terre in the city or one or more large dispersed estates, each one relies on outside assistance to maintain the domestic operation. The presence of private staff and outside vendors creates exposure to the family and should be managed with care.

For family offices interested in developing a partner relationship with The Lindquist Group, we can develop a program uniquely suited to your families’ needs.

Such services may include:

  • Household operational assessments
  • Residential staffing services
  • Development of job descriptions and HR best practices
  • Candidate sourcing, interviewing, talent profiling
  • Background investigations and verifying work eligibility
  • Negotiating compensation & writing work agreements
  • Domestic payroll and tax solutions
  • Orientation, training and staff evaluations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Exit interviews
  • Property manuals, task lists, and household operating procedures
  • Annual site visits to update documentation and perform performance evaluations

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