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As a partner to residential brokers, agents, and property management staff, we can help make buying and owning a fine residential property a turn-key operation. Our services can facilitate the sales process and add lasting value to your clients' lives; all of which enhances your value proposition and reinforces your position of trusted advisor and indispensible resource to your clients and residents.

Service Offerings:

  • No cost consultations with families considering the purchase of new properties
  • Assessments of the family‚Äôs private service needs based on their unique lifestyle objectives
  • Residential staffing services
  • Development of job descriptions and HR best practices
  • Candidate sourcing, interviewing, talent profiling
  • Background investigations and verifying work eligibility
  • Negotiating compensation & writing work agreements
  • Domestic payroll and tax solutions
  • Orientation, training and staff evaluations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Exit interviews
  • Property manuals, task lists, and household operating procedures
  • Annual site visits to update documentation and perform performance evaluations

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