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About the Lindquist Group

What we do

The Lindquist Group is a leader in private and residential staffing. We offer retained and contingent placement services for all staffing needs.

Where we operate

The Lindquist Group operates from two principal offices in the United States located in New York, NY and Palm Beach, FL. We have successfully done placements anywhere in the U.S.

Our scale and scope of work

In the past ten years, we have conducted over 10,000 searches for private service professionals across the full spectrum of domestic staffing disciplines. Having been in the private staffing business longer than any other agency, our network and database is the largest in the industry.

How we work

We take pride in operating our business with adherence to four basic values: discretion, integrity, service, and diligence. We have built our business largely through word-of-mouth, and we value the opportunity to serve fair and respectful clients in any way that we can. We also seek to deliver a highly personalized level of service. We prefer to begin every engagement with a client visit, preferably in our client’s home or at one of our offices. We explore the client’s lifestyle objectives, service level requirements, cost objectives and current needs.

Staffing engagements

Where new staff is needed, we focus on selecting the most qualified candidate, not the first available. Clients are always short of time, but speed must take a back seat to quality if we are to achieve the best fit. Where client expectations are out of line with the market, we offer recommendations that will maximize the size of the candidate pool, attract top talent and yield a successful long term hire.